first glance

    At first glance, the Noah Farm can give you a romantic feeling of days gone by.  With its beautiful wrap around porch,(complete with a swing), victorian siding and trim work , summer kitchen, original hardwood floors, barn and treed acreage, it looks like the perfect farm house. 

The Summer Kitchen

The barn (95 yrs. old) 

     A closer look, however, shows the age of this old house (117 years when we bought it).

This picture says it all . . .

Root cellar under the summer kitchen.
Very cool, but not safe.  Sadly this will have to go too.

    If you noticed, each outdoor picture shows lots of trees.  Trees and shade are wonderful here with our hot weather and I appreciate them so much more than I did growing up in Ohio. This was another major factor in us falling in love with this nine acre parcel of land.  Three sides of our rectangular acreage is bordered with trees and beyond that are of course, fields.  What you’d expect in Kansas…flat fields. 

       After living in three different areas of America – Ohio, Washington state, and now Kansas, I have realized that each place has it’s own beauty. It’s just up to you to find it, see it, and most of all enjoy it.