A Barn Wedding!

Our 100+ year old barn is getting a makeover.

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       We spent part of our summer vacation visiting  Amish/Mennonite country in Ohio.  There were big barns, horse and buggies, country stores and rolling hills everywhere. It was beautiful and so different than Kansas.

Clothes line from house to barn.

       It made me wish we had more of these folks living close to us because we are going to have a wedding in our old barn the end of August!  My son, Alex,  is engaged to a wonderful young lady, Alexis,  and they asked if the wedding ceremony could be held in our barn.  While my head is filled with romantic ideas of lovely outdoor barn weddings, the reality is our barn is in pretty sad shape and we could use some barn experts from Amish/Mennonite country.

         Here is what our barn looks like currently.  

We have debated back and forth whether to keep the barn or knock it down and build new.  After reading a book on restoring barns, my husband has decided she really isn’t in as bad of shape as he thought and is worth keeping.  She is called a Dutch Style barn.

           Our first job was to clean out the left side of the barn which had originally been four separate areas used to hold grain, hay and tools.  Here’s what it looked like before:

     Old grain bags that have deteriorated to sand.



 .       Two rooms cleared and a wall taken down between them and it is ready to be used as storage.   

       Here is what the inside of the barn looked like before we started cleaning it out.  All the white dots on the ceiling are mud-dauber nests (think wasps).   

       While we were gone, my son, Alex and his fiancee, Alexis used a pressure washer to get the hundred  of mud-daubers  nests off the ceiling of the barn.   They did an awesome job and now guests will be able to relax without being afraid of being stung.  

Barn ceiling all cleaned of Mud-dauber nests.

         They also captured a momma possum with four babies on her back, a daddy possum and three more barn kittens!  The possums were  released somewhere else and the kittens are lovingly being taking care of while new homes are being found for them.  

Alex and Alexis with two of the four kittens found in the barn.

        Shoring up the walls and making the floor level in the barn is the next challenge for my husband.  I wanted you to see how bad she looks now, so hopefully I can show you how beautiful she looks later for the wedding.    

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