Our Kansas beach

          Staying cool in Kansas and re-purposing old things around the farm.

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        Last summer when we were at the farmhouse working on the land in 90+ degree weather with sweat dripping down our faces, I made the comment to my husband, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pool to jump in right now?”  He thought about it for a moment and then said, “That’s it!  We’re getting a pool!”  Timing is everything, ladies. 

         I wish I could say I planned those words for just the right moment, but I didn’t.  Kansas feels like a desert from May to September, so a pool is a great option for summer relief.  So our last big project has been started.    Let the digging begin. . .

            And naturally once you start digging a pool it has to start raining and raining and raining.💧

       Our Saturdays are usually spent out at the farmhouse doing some kind of work.  We were planning to put corrugated tin behind our wood burning stoves, and I was just getting ready to spray paint it to look old when I heard my son Alex yell my name from the barn.  He discovered a supply of old tin in the barn which Dave is washing off below. This type of old rusted tin sells for $6 a sq. foot and I was thrilled that he found it.


       I have been working on sanding and white-washing old shiplap boards that were saved from the kitchen demo to be used for a range hood over my cooktop.  The left board (below) shows what I started with and the right is the final look.  











       I’ve realized that part of the reason I love this old house and didn’t want to tear it down and start over is because I love history.  Even re-using these old boards instead of throwing them in a burn pile gives me satisfaction.  I love the color and texture and history they hold.  Here is a picture of the look I’m going for on the range hood.

        I found out from our contractor that a neighbor stopped by to look at the work on our farmhouse and told him that two brothers bought a house and split it in two and 1/2 of that house was added onto our original 1897 farmhouse.  The other half is about two miles away attached to another house. So our house move to redo the foundation was not the first time this property had a house moved on it.  

       Other work going on includes dry wall getting mudded and taped in the loft and garage.







       Built in shelves have been made for the living area and the closets in the loft,  trying to maximize every space we can.

And I have shiplap in my farmhouse kitchen! 🔨

       Our  farm hands hard at work.  They enjoy this lazy front porch and the view.  

       If the beach is my happy place, the farm is our yellow lab, Latte’s favorite place.  He loves being a country dog.  

  1. Cheryl–everything looks really really nice. I love all the special touches like the shiplap and the old doors! Your farm is beautiful!

  2. Wow Cheryl – everything looks great and a pool to boot. You won't need to go to the beach anymore with all that comfort so close at hand. Anxious to see all the finishing touches.

  3. Thanks, Judy. I really appreciate you reading my blog and your comments. Miss you dear friend!

  4. I won't need the beach anymore, but it will still be my favorite place, especially with my sisters.

  5. 1) We are putting corrugated tin behind our wood stove too in our remodel of our Port Townsend house. Now I'll think of you when I see it.

    2) We found awesome dark brown stained ship lap in the old garage behind the PT house. We're turning it into an art studio. Gotta love ship lap.

    3) Love seeing photos Alex and Jordan. Handsome and capable young men! What a blessing.

    4) What are those lovely lavender flowers in the photo of Alex with the dog?

    5) Love you and miss you.

  6. Hi, Marci:
    So great to hear from you. The beautiful lavender flowers are just weeds, but they fill the fields here every spring and are spectacular. Hoping to come see you this August. Would love to see your family and house too. Hope all is well, dear friend.

  7. This is so exciting to see what you are doing with the house! It will be fun seeing it in real life!! Although I will miss having you right around the corner…

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