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A New Kind of Rug You’ll Love

Have you seen Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths yet?

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         Most of our extended family lives in Ohio and we usually visit at least once a year.  On one of those trips, we went to Amish country and now every time we visit family, we take a day to go back to this beautiful place filled will rolling hills,  a slower pace of life, country stores and quaint restaurants. Breathe in the country air, relax and enjoy these images.

        I appreciate all the rolling hills and  trees since I live in Kansas now with flat fields and a lot less trees.  How come we never appreciate the beauty around us when we’re children?  

         We visit Lehman’s, an old country hardware store, Heini’s cheese factory and the little town of Berlin where I found my favorite store – Country Gatherings.

       This year when we went to Amish Country, I found some amazing rugs at Country Gatherings  called Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths. Some of these rugs look like they are actually tile, or stenciled or even  a wooden floor. They are beautiful and come in many sizes and patterns, including “create your own” style.   These floorcloths are simple to clean and give any room  special character.  Here are some picture of the floorcloths on display at the store.



       There are a whole bunch of patterns available to view on the Spicher and Company websiteHere are just a few:



     The Country Gatherings store gave me Spicher and Company’s website information so I could take time to pick out the pattern I liked when I got back home to Kansas.  Then I called back to their store to order through them and saved almost 25% off of Spicher and Company’s online price.  I thought it would make the perfect floor covering for my kitchen work area.  Here’s  what the runner looks like that I bought for my kitchen.


Floorcloth - Amor

        I have talked with the Country Gatherings Store and they will be happy to work with you too.  Just visit the Spicher and Company website to pick out your pattern and then call Country Gatherings to order (330-893-1174).  Here are the prices you can get from Country Gatherings.

         Let me know if you purchase one.  I am not an affiliate for this store or brand of rugs.  Just sharing with you a new find that I hope you will like too and can add somewhere to beautify your home.  Happy shopping!

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  1. They look lovely Cheryl and your post made me want to grab Lynette and Kris and head to Amish country today. Haven’t been there for a few years.

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