A Simple Life

Simple life?  He laughs at me. 

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       I have always wanted to lead a simple life. In fact, I have read several books on trying to figure out just exactly how I’m suppose to do that. I even have several signs to remind me to simplify.


      I told God before I was married,  “I want to live a simple life, but not an ordinary one.” And then I met my wonderful husband and  life became anything but simple or ordinary. He is a hard-working dreamer who is always enlarging and complicating my world. My life has been an adventure I would never have imagined.  

        This farm house is typical of our lives. I wanted a simple two car garage.   He wanted a three car garage with a workshop in it and an apartment above it. I’m thinking of downsizing, retirement on the horizon and well, . . . he got his way. We built our three car garage (slash) workshop (slash) apartment and it turned out much bigger than we thought.

     Here’s what the original house looked like before we added the garage.

      And below after we added the sun room and garage.

front view
back view


    We are jokingly calling The Noah Farm the “Acuna Compound” now. When you look at the farm house from the road, it looks like we’ve added another house to the back and we almost have.


       Here is a picture of the inside of the apartment  looking out the front dormers.
          The stairs coming up from the garage are seen on the very right of the above picture.  The first dormer beside the stairway will become the kitchen and the second dormer on the left will become a small bedroom.  The dormer on the opposite side of the kitchen will become a bathroom/laundry room.  And the dormer opposite the small bedroom will become another bedroom.  
       This picture is of the center main room of the upstairs which will become the dining and living room areas of the apartment.  
        It’s cold here and we are thankful the roof, walls, and windows are all installed.  Drywall has  been delivered and the walls will be going up soon.  
       And lest you think I have stopped trying to simplify my life – I have not.  Here is a link to a website I enjoy called The Art of Simple.  I also listen to this author, Tsh Oxenreider’s  podcast called “The Simple Show”, which  you can find it all here.  

still dreaming of a simple country life . . .
and maybe a horse. 
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