A Simple Tip to Help You Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions

How habits enable you to reach your goals.

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       If you’ve set goals or resolutions for the year ahead or don’t even think about doing this because you have always failed, try this approach instead.

Set a new habit.

       Yes, set a goal, but keep it in the back of your mind. Instead think about the first step you need to take to reach that goal.  Make your first priority to add a habit to help you reach your goal. If you keep at this new habit, overtime you will see your goal within reach and not a distance fuzzy thing you can’t quite see or completely forgot about. Goals don’t just happen because we write them down. It’s okay to do that, but that is just the first step.

       It’s like setting up a board game and putting your player at the starting line. The finish, the goal, is on the other side of the board. If you don’t roll the dice and take the first step and then keep moving your player across the board, step by step, you never win the game! It’s just a dream. You can just sit and look at the board and hope, but your player will never move without some action on your part. 

       And what if you can too. Write those words at the top of a page and then list the things you want to believe you could accomplish in 2018. Dream a little. Write them all down.

         Then pick one, maybe two goals from your list and think about what habits you need to change in order to accomplish them.


For example, I wrote:

What if I can . . . . 

 become a better photographer.(GOAL)

       Well, of course I can. But if I want it to happen in the next year and not just someday, I need to change a habit in my life. I could take a photography course, get a good book to study, buy a video course, practice taking pictures every day, take my camera with me everywhere I go, etc.

       I decided to watch videos from a great photography instructor I found on YouTube OR practice what he is teaching me daily. (HABIT)

       Will I become a better photographer? I already have just in the dozen videos I’ve already watched. I don’t have a set date that I will reach my goal. I am just making small daily steps towards it.

My life is too full.  I don’t have time.

       I know, I know.  That might be true, but if you really want to grow, change, reach a goal, maybe there are other habits that you can take out of your life or combine with other activities.   I sometimes watch my photography videos while I’m eating lunch or walking on the treadmill. I love to watch TV in the evenings to relax, but I know I could watch less. Are there any habits you can let go of to give you time for a new one?

Can you give just 15 minutes a day  to a new habit?

       I bet you can. You have habits you do daily without thinking about them, like brushing your teeth, buckling your seatbelt, or shaving. You don’t forget them. They are habits. They have become a necessary part of your life. You wouldn’t consider going to work without doing them. In the same way, if you have a health issue and need physical therapy, you wouldn’t just say I don’t have time. You would make time! 

 Habit [habit] noun – an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed  until it has become almost involuntary.


Do the first things first. 

       If you make your new habit a priority, I guarantee you will reach your goal. If you make it a nice thing to do if you have time or if you’re not tired, you most likely won’t. 

CEO –  Chief Encouragement Officer

        We all need encouragement when the road gets hard.  Become a Chief Encouragement Officer for someone in your life who is working towards a goal and find one for yourself. Telling someone else your goal and the new habit you will start to get you there can be a great motivator.  Maybe deadlines really energize you. Set one and tell your CEO what it is and ask them to check in on your progress. Do the same for someone else. 

        Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two.  Everyone has bad days and sometimes weeks.  Just get back up and start again.       

        And while we’re at it, don’t think you are being selfish giving yourself time for your new habit.   Doing something you enjoy or makes you a healthier, more confident person, isn’t selfish.  It refreshes your spirit  helping you give to others even better.  

          Celebrate Your Progress! 

       Look back and see how much you’ve grown, changed or accomplished in one month.   The power of the same habit done over and over is life changing.  You don’t have  to roll the dice and take whatever you get.  You get to choose a goal, start a new habit, and move toward the finish line, step by step.  

        I’d love to hear what your goal and habit is for 2018. Let’s be CEO’s for each other. 


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