Amor in the Mess of Life

How a little dog is teaching me about love and rest.

        Reading can change your life.   I shared about a book in my last post called “Rescue Road” that did just that.   It is the story of a man from Ohio who rescues dogs in the south driving them up north by the truck load to be adopted by loving families.

He does this every other week, rescuing thousands of dogs. His book touched my heart and I began looking online at local shelters tossing around the ideal of adopting a dog. I landed on a site called where I saw this little guy named Amor. I inquired about him, filled out an application, and within a few days he was in my home. We had one week to decide if he was a fit for us.

        Amor came from Laredo, Texas where he was found in June roaming the streets. He was emaciated, had skin sores, and heart worm. He was treated over the next few  months and came to our home in October. His name fits him perfectly. He is a little sweetie. For the first few days he seemed to be quiet and a little depressed, throwing up a few times. He looked at us as if he was thinking . . . Am I going to get to stay here? Are you nice people? Can I do this or will you get mad? He was friendly, looking for love, but hesitant.       

        Then he started to perk up, playing with my lab, evening climbing into his kennel one night to sleep with him. He came when I called, quickly learned to sit, and didn’t bother our cat. He seemed like the perfect fit for our family.

       Then we looked in his mouth and realized he was missing his front teeth. My husband, who is a physician, looked into his eyes and said, I think he might have a problem with his sight. I took him to the vet and she told me he would eventually loose his eyesight. We were heartbroken. We had one day left to decide whether we would keep him.  When I told my husband the bad news he said, “we’ll just give him a good life and love him anyway.”

       His words only confirmed what God had been teaching me lately. Life is messy, but love anyway. Don’t seek to get out of your situation or the problems in your life. Just live in the messiness and  love  anyway. Let Me do this hurtful, messy life with you. Let My presence be enough. I didn’t say it wouldn’t be hard, I just said I’d be with you. Do the hard things. Love even though it hurts, is inconvenient, and messy.

Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.

– Andy Stanley

       My heart broke as I read “Rescue Road,” wishing I could help all those hurting dogs. But helping one, sticking with him, and loving him in the messiness of today and what we know is coming,  is enough.

“We are all homeless.”* 

but . . .“Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ.”  (Ephesians 1:5)  knowing what a mess we were and what it would cost Him.

       And while we wait for our forever home, we bring our burdens to Jesus and rest in the mess.  Not seeking a fix, but just letting his presence walk with us through it all. Not worrying about the answers or the future, but just holding the pain and letting it take us to his arms,  trusting that he loves us and those on our heart.  Allowing the worry and concern to draw us to prayer and into his presence. 

*(from the movie “Same Kind of Different as Me.”)

Hopefully we will get the professional wedding pictures soon and I can share them with you in my next post.

  1. I too have a rescued dog from the south…..she is the best! She was 18 pounds when we got her…low weight for a beagle. She is now 38 pounds!! She is happy girl, she is lying on the couch right now next to her mama:) We have had her for 11 years and hope for many more!

    1. That’s so sweet. Dogs are the best friends. Thanks for your comment….Cheryl

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