Another Big Step

   Finally she looks pretty on the outside!

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         We have had the most wonderfully warm fall this year, but winter finally hit at Thanksgiving time.  We had our first snow and some ice to top it off.  Here are some pictures that I took that I think show the beautiful transition from fall to winter.
        I have almost caught up to real time in this blog, but looking back . . .

     It is now the first week of October and our siding and window project has finally begun!    Our goal was to have the foundation and siding/windows done before the winter weather hit.  Because of the domino effect I wrote of wrote of earlier, we won’t be able to side and put new windows on the entire house.  Part of the south side (where the current stairs and new kitchen will be) and the entire east side will have to wait until we get the inside done.  This is because windows and doorways will change.

       So the workers started on the back of the house (north side).  Here they are starting the siding tear off.


       And the windows are also started to be removed and replaced.
        Here is the front of the house in process and a new front door installed.  This door will eventually be stained to match the beams or painted.  Haven’t decided yet.
       And now some after pictures:
      And lastly here is a picture of the east side of the house that I mentioned would be sided later after the kitchen remodel.  The difference is amazing.  This old farm house really needed some TLC. We are so glad we could get most of it done before winter hit.
      With our new foundation,  most of the house sided, new windows installed and a new HVAC system, this house should be a whole lot warmer inside this winter.  
“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”
–   Stanley Horowitz


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