Autumn Harvest

My first Fall on the farm. Baby cows, trees, and dirt — so much dirt!

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         We are finally moved into our farm!  This morning I took my first country walk with our dog up the hill to see the baby cows.  The mothers were very protective and started walking away from us the moment they saw the dog.  

These cows belong to my neighbor, Patti, who is also putting in a small vineyard and hopes to produce wine in a year or two.  

         You’ll notice our trees are mostly green, just starting to turn yellow. 

        But I’m celebrating green right now, because I finally have grass!  Trust me, you don’t appreciate grass until you only have dirt and mud around your house.

         Here are some before and after pictures.

Back yard


And front yard . . .


 We, I mean they (GKI Groundskeepers) put down a small amount of sod and seeded the rest and within a few weeks it was beautiful!

        If you were to come visit me, this is the road you would come down to my farmhouse.

       Because it’s a dirt road, there is always dust flying when someone drives by or mud if it has rained.  Lately, semi-trucks have been driving down our road. . . a lot!  This is not normal, but something that happens at harvest time.  

       Because fields are all around us now, harvest time and dust are going to part of our new country life.  So . . . we decided to add these privet bushes to create a hedge to protect our house from the dust.

       The landscapers also put in plants on the south side of our house….. crepe myrtle, boxwoods and others whose names I can’t  remember. 


       These short fuzzy-tailed prairie grasses were planted along the back deck.  I love these because they remind me of Kansas wheat.

        An amber maple tree was put in our Raindrop Garden that will give me beautiful fall colors and become the focal point. 

      The above picture is the view I see from my kitchen window.  Right now the field is planted with soybeans which have not been harvested yet.   There is a bridge over a river just past this field, (shown in the second picture above).

      One of the first things we noticed about living here in the country is the quiet.  It truly is peaceful and we love that.  The drive into town and the lack of stores conveniently five minutes away will take some getting used to and better planning.  

      Last Saturday we had to listen to our favorite college football team (Go Buckeyes!) on the radio because we don’t have television yet.  It kinda felt like we were “The Walton’s” sitting by the radio listening to the outside world.  So far we haven’t yelled, “Goodnight, Jordan-boy”, but  he wouldn’t get that anyway. 

      Happy Autumn wherever you are!  We’re still waiting for these beauties to show their colors.

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