Barn Dance

Our bee hive of activity.

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       We have been working on The Noah Farm for over two years now and sometimes it feels like it will never be done.  Then there are other days when we visit the farm and it looks like a beehive of activity and my contractor tells me to have paint ready soon for the living room and kitchen walls and I want to run into the barn and do my happy dance. 

       The one question I get asked continually is when do you expect to move in and the answer I’m currently giving is . . . before summer. I’m learning to be vague.  We have a lot to do before then.  So here’s what’s happening at the farmhouse lately . . .
       The siding job was started and stopped because they ran out of siding . . .what?   (See it does pay to do your math in school).  The additional siding was delivered yesterday so this part will be done by the end of next week.



Back view







       On this side of the garage the siding is all done, but if you look closely along the ground something else is being built.   Another thing we didn’t plan for was building . . . .
a retaining wall!  To give you some perspective here is the view from the garage apron looking down. 

drywall has been started in the apt./loft above the garage.


                                 And is almost completely done in the farmhouse.

                    All the cabinets for the loft kitchen  have been delivered.

                           And this green submarine was put in the ground in the back yard. 



Lifting it to move into the hole


       I’ll probably never see this green propane tank again.  It was filled and buried so it wouldn’t float when it rained.  Can you believe that big thing would float?  I thought it was going to pull the backhoe right into the hole with it.

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