Barn Makeover

Barn progress for the wedding.

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           Work on the foundation of the barn started on a Saturday in July with four strong men jacking up the front of the barn to remove the old limestone foundation.  This had to be done because the front of the barn was no longer solidly on the foundation due to the limestone shifting over the past 100 years it has been resting there.

Limestones removed!

View from inside the barn.

Front view with all the limestone removed and barn hanging in the air.

Forms being built to support new foundation.

Dirt graded back to foundation and new stone being laid.

.         This is a picture of the groom,  Alex, helping out with fixing the barn.  I wanted to show you this picture because if you look behind where he is standing you’ll notice that the floor is about a foot or more lower than the middle of the barn.  This was the next project – getting all the floors in the barn to the same level for chairs to be put in.  Here is a picture of the new subfloor put in on the right side of the barn.

Here’s the final flooring done.   The floor in the middle of the barn is dirt that will be covered with straw for the wedding.  

The final outside work was done today – laying sod and completing a walkway from the barn to the house.  

Now we’re ready to start decorating  the inside for the wedding!  Only one more week until the big day!    

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