A Family Room and French Country Bathroom! 

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        The basement is the final part of our farmhouse remodel and since the house never had a basement before (see house move),  this part of the house is totally new!   We had to separate the basement into three separate rooms due to the structural support needed for the two floors above.

      The family room and a small bathroom were added for times when we have friends, kids, or guests over and need the extra room.

      Here are some pictures of the beginning stages of our family room.

        We added a coffered ceiling (a sunken panel)  in the center of the family room to help give the room a little more height.  We used some of the old wood from the kitchen floor we tore out and love how it turned out.


      Dry wall and framing for cabinets are done.

TV and book shelf wall below.


White cabinet doors are on!

       And now for a look at our french country bathroom.  I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out.  


       The shower slides open from the corner if you were wondering how to get in and out.  



Materials:  French Country Shower Kit and  Shower Tiles from Home Depot.

Special thanks to Steve Lambert, our brother-in-law  for helping us out with our basement!


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