Blue Skies!

       We finally had some blue skies in Kansas which meant it was time to . . .

pour cement for our three season room and garage.  But you’re probably wondering if we got the roof on the house yet, so I’ll not keep you in suspense. 

       The walls were starting to come up in my last post and next came the trusses.

       This is the view we will have through our french doors from our dining room.  Where the black chair is on the right we plan to put a wood burning stove. 

      The  picture above was taken from inside what will be our garage.  It is all prepped and ready  for the cement, so here it comes . . .

            In this picture they are pouring our three season room and the below picture shows them working on our garage.

Below is the final product with some silly dog testing out the cement.

      Our new addition with a roof and a few windows installed.
         And last but not least, we had some extra help the first week of October.   My husband’s folks drove to see my son perform in his high school musical and also to help us work on clearing some of our farm land.  They picked a perfect time to come because there was a lot of change on the farm house that week.
      Here they are working hard . . .
Sorry.  Here’s a better picture of them working.


    I couldn’t keep them from posing for me.  Such a great group of guys.  Here is what it looked like when they were done.  Sorry I don’t have a before picture, but trust me, it is so much better.  The corn field wasn’t even visible before.   

         They also planted six trees, two rose bushes, and four other bushes while I worked on a shade garden.   We found great deals at our local hardware store of plants they were almost giving away.  A great tip to remember for next fall. 

   Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!  Every little bit helps.    

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