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Where to find it plus country internet.
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          One of the things I’ve learned in decorating is to find something that gives me inspiration for the theme or color of a room.  My sister, Cindy, taught me this when she was taking decorating classes at Ohio State University.  It can be anything:   a piece of fabric, a photo, or even the colors in a stone. 

         This mini quilt was made and given to me for my birthday in 2000 by my dear friend, Lori.  I love the colors and the cowboy, prairie, country feel of it and decided it would be my inspiration piece for my mud room and half bath.  

       I found this dresser at the new Paramount Antique Marketplace location in Northeast Wichita.   My talented contractor is going to convert it into a vanity for the half bath in the farmhouse.           Another piece I am excited to show you is something older than our house (built circa 1897)   Below is our busy contractor, Steve Vogt, holding up one of the two beautiful corbels that will go in the corners between the living room and kitchen areas so I could see how they will look.   I purchased them from my sister Cindy, who was selling them on her etsy shop   She bought them from a lady who said they were from the Civil War era.  I love history so they are especially meaningful to me.

               I thought they would feel right at home in this old farmhouse. 

        Now for some progress pictures.   The garage doors are on 
and the concrete apron has been laid.



And the final result looked like this. . . .

       And the first car in the garage is Alex’s new/used Mini Cooper.  

      One of the most daunting projects was getting internet for the house.  We weren’t even think about how difficult it would be to get a decent internet connection when we fell in love with this farm.  Something to consider if you are thinking about country life.  So far we’ve had to install a 50 foot telephone pole.

                  And then have a tech install a satellite dish.    


                        And we’re in business.  Works great!

        Inside the garage and loft, insulation has been sprayed and drywall will go up soon.

       I have been working on the kitchen layout in the loft above the garage and purchased cabinets, countertop, and appliances.  Here is the floor plan.  

        Here is what my dining room looks like right now. Not quite warm enough to work outside.  See my inspiration piece laying on the dresser and the barn quilts in the background? 

        The quilts are both done and ready to be hung up, but I have to wait until we rent a lift to put  steps on the telephone pole for future service calls on the internet.  We’ll use this lift to hang the large barn quilt over the barn doors.  Can’t wait!    She definitely needs some color.  

  1. I love that dresser, but THOSE CORBELS!!! LOVEx1000!!!

  2. I'm excited for you, Cheryl, as this continues to take shape. You ARE an artist and a poet! I like reading about how this process is going. I also love to read about your inner reflections and what you are learning about yourself and teaching me.

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