Do You Have A Minute?

A simple, no guilt prayer plan.

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        On a recent trip to Ohio to see my family, two of my sisters and I were sitting on the front porch talking, when one of them suggested that we pray one minute a day for each of our sisters (I have five).  I had several thoughts when that was suggested:  Sure I can do a minute a day.  Then I thought, just a minute? That makes me feel like a pathetic Christian if I can only pray a minute a day.   My next thought was, well it’s more than you’re currently doing. 

God can never answer a prayer you don’t pray. 

          I made a commitment to pray  for my sisters, then  added my widowed mother, husband, sons and soon to be daughter-in-law.  What I found is that I immediately felt closer to my sisters and mother who live many states away.  My family was on my heart and mind daily.  I felt a deeper love for them.  I wanted to know what they were struggling with so I could pray better for them.  It felt good that I was at least praying once a day for the people I said I loved.  

         Sometimes I would pray for them as I took the dog on a walk, watered or weeded plants, or as I drove to and from town.  Other times I would actually sit down, set the timer on my phone for  one minute and when it went off, I just moved on to the next person.

         Prayer didn’t have to be on my knees for thirty minutes like a super-Christian prayer warrior.  It was okay to  just pray a minute.  Maybe someday I would  grow to be a marathoner instead of a walker.  But at least I was taking a step forward and it felt good.

         I  found that my prayers for them became stale or repetitive pretty quickly.  To help with this,  I wrote down a list of areas I could be praying for them to help mix it up a little.  Here’s are some ideas I came up with:

  •    Ask them!  It will not only make them feel loved, but sometimes you will hear back that your prayers are being answered and that encourages you to keep praying.   
  • Their daily work.
  • Family relationships. 
  • Health. Physical and emotional.  Discipline to exercise or eat right.  
  •  Their spiritual walk.
  •  Protection.
  •  Pray scripture over them.  The Psalms are good for this.  Just change some of the words around.  It gets easier the more you do it.  For example Psalm 3:3 – Pray “Lord, be a shield around them, be their glory and the one who holds their head high.”  (It helps use to NLT, AMP, or Message versions of the bible when you do this). 
  • Your hopes for them (A new job, find the love of their life, joy instead of depression, courage instead of fear, etc.)   

       You might pray for one specific area for each day of the week. (Example:  Mondays – pray for their health), or totally mix it up.  Whatever you do, keep it simple so you will both remember it and  do it daily. 

            Who can you put on your one-minute prayer list?  Why not start today?  You and God can change a life one minute at a time.   

   You are a sweet fragrance of Christ both to God and people. 

 (2 Corinthians 2:15,16)


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  1. Such a good reminder / gentle challenge! Thanks.

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