Dreams Do Come True!

When storms threaten your plans.

       “Water is up to the second floor stairs.  I couldn’t get to the ledge because I was neck deep in rainwater and tools and cats are floating every where.”  This is what my son texted me when I asked him if water was getting into the farm house last Saturday.  At first I wanted to smack him, then I laughed and realized everything was fine.  I found out later, our contractor and his wife worked all day Saturday in the off and on again rain showers trying to get our new addition closed up. 

         Here is my  son, Alex, relaxing in his new hammock at the farm.  

        When I left Friday, the house was still very much open.  The floor was being worked on and I couldn’t see how they could possibly get it all closed up before the rain hit on Saturday.

          But Steve and his wife Michelle were our heroes on Saturday as they worked together until it looked like this.

         This is a view from inside the house and you can see the mud puddle out in what will become our back porch.

        Thankfully this week has  been dry, sunny, and cooler so lots of progress has been made.   First, the main floor and stairs to the basement went in.

And then the walls . . .


         This is a view of my mudroom, half bath and small pantry.  Can’t you see it?  Sure you can.   Where the broom is laying will be the pantry and the half bath is behind that.  The mudroom is on the right side of the picture where you see the diagonal board.  I know it is hard to make out anything at this point, but it is exciting to finally have some framing up to get the actual feel of the sizes of these rooms.  They all seem so small to me right now, but having built before, I am not in a panic to make everything bigger. 
      It’s always fun to look at pictures, draw room designs and dream about our “somedays”, but seeing them develop before your eyes is amazing.  My husband is a big dreamer and I am so thankful for his vision and support in this endeavor.  

       A big thanks also to Bill, Steve and Michelle for all their hard work in the sun, heat, and rain to make our dreams come true.       
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