The Domino Effect

Fall improvements are lining up.  

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       Summer is over officially,  but it is still hot here in Kansas.  Kids are back in school and we are still waiting for our siding/window project to start.  The official start date of September 15th got pushed back again to the first week of October.   

        In the meantime, there are small steps of improvement going on around the farm house.  The front porch ceiling  has been torn down.

              Another project that Bill and my hubby tackled was building a temporary stairway down to the new basement.   To understand where these stairs were placed, I need to show you a picture of this wall.
        The red wall with the two doors will eventually be torn down and opened up for our new kitchen/dining room area.  The current kitchen area on the left side of this picture will be gutted, a new wall put up and this will become a mud room and half bath.  Also in this picture you see a wood burning stove surrounded by what looks like a white wooden cage.  To the right of this stove is an opening to the back door and also to the only bathroom in the house.  This whole section of the house – the kitchen, bathroom and two doors on the red wall which led to a utility room and a mudroom entrance on the side of the house – used to be a porch!  When the house was originally built, there was no kitchen (remember the summer kitchen just outside the back door) and no indoor bathroom.
         View of mudroom looking back into house.  Notice the siding on these walls.
       Here is a picture of the only bathroom in the house.  This area will eventually be where the new stairway to the basement will go.
       And just for a reminder, a picture of the summer kitchen that we demolished.  Makes me glad for indoor kitchens and air conditioning.
        Now it is time to show you our new fancy, dancy stairway down to the basement.  The mudroom above, that I just showed you, and the utility room, were used to house this temporary set of stairs.
       Betcha can’t wait to pin this beautiful set of stairs.  But they are sturdy and do the job for now.
        Also in September, Bill started ripping out the walls of what would become our master bathroom and closet.  Before we can tear out the old white bathroom (above) and move the stairs over to that area, we needed one working bathroom.  Once Bill gets the master bathroom done, we can start tearing out the old bathroom and work on moving the stairs.  Then the red wall can come down and work on the kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and half bath can begin.  This house is like a domino.  We have to do it in a certain order to make it work.
      I’ll leave you with  a new picture of our little buddy, Latte, now 7 months old and a saying that I saw at the kennel which I loved.
  1. So nice to see pictures of the inside. It looks like it is in relatively good condition. Looks like things are slowly moving along, but this way you get to enjoy the journey instead of rushing through all of it having to make quick decisions.
    Love that saying – words to live by. Happy Thanksgiving Cheryl – we will miss you!!!

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