Farmhouse Kitchen

Our black + white farmhouse kitchen.

        When we originally bought our farmhouse, I was absolutely sure my kitchen would be all white.  I love the clean, white, minimalist look.  But when I thought about the atmosphere, the ambience that I really liked, it was a coffee shop vibe.  All it took was one picture of a kitchen in a magazine and a trip to Charlotte, NC where I saw the coolest cafe/coffee shop and I was ready to take the risk of painting the biggest wall in my kitchen black!  After living here for over a year now, I still have no regrets.

       The big black wall!  

But of course, I wanted some shiplap too.



       The corbels in the corners between the living room and kitchen are most likely the oldest items in the house.  They are from the Civil War era which our farmhouse construction follows by some thirty years.  

              The farmhouse kitchen window faces south looking out towards a big field and bridge over a small river.  This space was originally a mudroom and utility room.

        My appliances are Kitchen Aid black stainless steel which again I was concerned would make my kitchen too dark, but found I had plenty of natural light and with the white cabinets, it worked!  The black stainless is also so much easier to keep looking clean than regular stainless steel.  

       The range hood was made out of some of the original shiplap savaged during the demo  of the kitchen.

       The metal “farm fresh” words on the subway tile and the Noah Farm sign over the cooktop were hung using Command Strips, an amazing invention I highly recommend. They are great for hanging pictures, Christmas lights, etc. without harming your walls.

       I almost didn’t go with open shelving in my farmhouse kitchen, but I am so glad I did.  My concern was that living in the country on a dirt road,  I would have to rewash my dishes before we used them.  What I discovered is that as long as you use the items on your shelves  regularly, there is no worry about dust building up on them.    If you’re considering open shelving for your kitchen this might help you decide.  What are you going to put on it?  Everyday dishes or display items?

 .      This  3-D map of Kansas was a gift but any state can be purchased on Etsy at CustomComforts.  


       My coffee/tea station. 

        My laundry room has a chalkboard barn door which I change the artwork on for special occasions or season changes.  

        Even though fireplaces  create a lovely, romantic focal point for any room,  I enjoy having a wood burning stove.  It makes our entire main floor cozy and warm during the cold winter months and as you can tell our dogs like to huddle here too.

             Click here to order “This is Our Happy Place” sign 

       Here’s to creating and enjoying your home wherever you live and at whatever stage of life you are at.  Rich or poor, young or old, make it a place you love!  Make it a place of rest for you and your loved ones or just for yourself.

  1. Your kitchen is so gorgeous!! You made such great choices —the black wall feels like a warm hug. ❤️

    1. Thanks so much Judy. Hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day.

  2. Looks really nice Cheryl. It’s a cozy looking room and you are so lucky to have such gorgeous light coming in that makes it possible to use so much black. Well done!

    1. I appreciate your comments especially since you’re such a great decorator.

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