Flowers Please!

Words for when life is hard.

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       Sometimes the world beats us up and leaves us in a heap by the side of the road.  We’ve probably all heard the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37  where Jesus was asked, “Who is my neighbor?   I have always read that story and identified myself as someone who probably would have passed by the man beaten, robbed and left by the side of the road too. But for the first time I saw this story from a different perspective. I put myself in the place of the man beaten, robbed and left for dead, because that is the way I have felt lately.

       Our last few months have been a series of one bad event happening after another. It started with a car accident that left me without a car for three weeks. Then three flat tires on three different cars, a well pump that kept breaking, a laptop that crashed, a microwave/over combo that died, and then the final kick in the gut, a mistake that gave us major issue with taxes. Every time we tried to get up, we kept getting beaten down.

       I pictured Christ as the Good Samaritan, cleaning and binding my wounds, putting me on his donkey and taking me to the inn to heal and telling me he would come back to check on me. I thought of myself as a patient, allowed to hurt, cry, rest, and heal.

        Sometimes it just seems like everything is going wrong or maybe we are just dealing with consequences from mistakes we have made. Either way, Jesus has some words to encourage us through.

Allow God to comfort you.

      Give yourself the gift of rest and receive healing from God. This can come in many forms: comforting words from a friend, naps, devotionals, scripture, music or just relaxing and watching mindless television. Patients need rest and recovery time. Don’t put unrealistic emotional or time expectations on your recovery.

Give yourself grace.

       Someone or something else has already beaten you up, don’t do it to yourself too. Treat yourself like you would your best friend who just came to you for help. How would you treat him or her? Care for yourself with the same kindness. Because we live in a fallen world, bad things happen to good people. As you allow the Lord to pick you up,  bind your wounds and restore your body and soul, be kind to yourself too. (Buy yourself some flowers).


       Nothing teaches us to pray more, than when life starts going bad. All the obstacles we faced taught me the importance of continual prayer, especially over my family. It reminded me that we do have an enemy that hates us and wants to destroy us. Prayer is our spiritual weapon. Prayers need to be on our lips all day long. There are no little prayers. God isn’t annoyed that you’re praying yet again about some silly little thing.  He is waiting to hear all your needs and desires. Tell him exactly what you need.

God holds it all.

       This may be the hardest season you have faced, but never think that God has abandoned you or left you alone. Road blocks and hard times come to every life. God said he would walk, cry, and comfort us through the valleys, not just rejoice with us on the mountain tops. He knows right where you are and is in control even when it doesn’t feel that way.

       “. . . and in the wilderness,

      where you have seen

           how the Lord  your God carried you,

as a man caries his son,

all the way until you came

 to this place.”

       Deuteronomy 1:31  has always been a favorite verse of mine because of the illustration it gives of the Lord carrying me through the wilderness and bringing me to the place he wants me to be. My prayer  sent with this post is that you will give yourself grace and allow God to carry you in his arms through whatever wilderness you are walking through.


       If music speaks to your soul, here is a link to a modern day Psalm called “The Goodness of the Lord,”  by Travis Ryan. It is a beautiful reminder of where our focus needs to be during the difficult times of our life.

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