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Freshen Up Your Bedroom Without Spending a Fortune!


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         Want to freshen up your bedroom, but don’t think you have the money or time?  If your piggy bank doesn’t look like a potbelly pig,

Potbelly pig

try these few suggestions to create a new look.  

       I got tired of my  blue quilt, beach vibe look  . . .

Master Bedroom

so I changed it to this . . . 

Master Bedroom - Gray

without a big spending spree.  How, you ask?   

          Start with the bedspread. Your bed is the center-piece of the room and changing the color on your bed changes the whole look and feel of your room.  The simplest way to do this is to buy a duvet  to cover your old bedspread.  I found the above gray and white duvet and asked for it as a Christmas gift, so no cost to me. 

        Then I purchased a pillow for an accent color that would also go with the shutters beside my bed.  Gray and white became my new main colors with aqua/blue becoming my accent color.  I like a minimalist look, so one pillow was all I needed. Because my bedroom walls are white, it’s easy to change colors without major work.

Master Bedroom - Gray

       Then, I realized my artwork didn’t match anymore.  To fix this I . . .  shopped my own home first!  I learned this trick from “The Nester,” Myquillyn Smith who has written two books on decoration.  She suggests before you look in the stores, take a look at what you already have in another room, or tucked away in a box that that might work in a new space. 

        I had this black antique window frame in my basement that wasn’t being used anywhere.  I added the metal sign in front (from Magnolia Market) and a vase of white flowers that had been in my living room.  Next a few candles to set the mood and my dresser was set. 

        I moved the above piece of artwork from the basement to my bedroom to replace a nautical one.  I  painted the wooden frame on these three pictures from green to gray and added a vine to a wreath I had laying around and hung it between the shutters.    Artwork done! 

Gray/White Frames              Paint, create, what you can.     grapevine wreath








       Then I asked my husband if he would help me make two matching side tables for beside our bed.  I found these metal legs on Etsy used old wood leftover from another project for the top, painted the trim black and bought new lamps from Amazon.

         My husband did most of this project himself, but if you or your man are not blessed with those skills,  try shopping Craig’s list,  garage sales, or antique stores for side tables already made.  It may take awhile to find them, but sometimes older furniture means better quality. If they don’t need repairs, it doesn’t take a lot of paint or time to make old furniture look new. 

Bedside Table         If you’re just putting on a new duvet cover and pillows on your bed, you can freshen up your bedroom with a new look in a day.  Changing your bedroom doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive.  If you need help on where to start or to find inspiration, you might want to read “How To Decorate A Room You’ll Love,” and check out the pictures below. 

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