Friday Night Lights

On grabbing hold of and cherishing special moments.

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       “Grab your camera, mom.  Let’s go outside.”  My  son, Alex, had been filming area farmers harvesting soybeans at night with his drone.  Now he wanted me to go out with him to the field right across the road  and take pictures with him of the farmers working well after sunset.

So Friday night we sat in a soybean field in the dark taking pictures and I thought to myself, “So this is what country life is like on a Friday night.”

        A few days later, a tractor, harvester and semi-trucks pulled up to start harvesting the soybean field right beside our house.   I had walked along the edge of the field earlier that week and thought to myself,  the farmers  waited too long to harvest this field.  It looked so dry.

But I was wrong.  As I grabbed my camera to take a few shots of them harvesting the field, the farmer pulling the grain cart came down to talk and then invited me up to ride with him.  Of course, I said “yes!”

Turns out the field was yielding more than the average return.  That’s how much I know about farming. 

        I will treasure these memories of sitting in the field in the dark taking pictures with my son and seeing firsthand how crops are harvested.  These moments were a precious gift.  A present only given once for a short moment in life.   They are like a beautiful song in a musical,  a delicious meal at a restaurant you will never eat at again, or a beautiful sunrise.  We must be fully present to enjoy these gifts.

God’s beauty is tucked within the ordinary. 

 He loves to give us love notes . . . 


  He interrupts our days with Himself. 

 We just need to see it and receive it.

                                 (paraphrased from “Unseen” by Sara Hagerty)


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