Front & Back Porch

The humble beginnings of our porches.

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        Patience is not my greatest strength, but waiting has  become my new normal.  Everything takes longer than expected and I’ve had to learn to just take the next step, whatever that is.  At this time, the next step was our porches

       Our friend, Bill, who was crazy enough to help us with this project,  started working on the front and back porches.  Because of the muddy mess in the yard he put down wooden walkways to both doors and built steps to the back door.


       And then we decided to really do it up right and ordered a truck load of stones to put down so feet and trucks wouldn’t get stuck in the mud.  
        The front porch also received it’s well designed pathway to the front door.  No need to worry about impressing the neighbors in our neck of the woods.
        Below is a picture of our old porch posts.  Not sure if you can tell, but those white post are just hanging in the air from the roof line. The additional wood posts leaning up against the porch roof are holding the roof up. 
        Here is a view of the new cedar porch posts Bill put in for us.  I have to admit that I got the idea from looking at the farm house pictures of Chip & Joanna Gaines house from HGTV’s show “Fixer Upper”.  I love Joanna’s style of decorating and I have such a greater appreciation for all the hard work they do after trying to do just one fixer upper.  (I just wish I could get it all done in one hour like they do.)
        We opted to take out the white victorian looking beams since we would also be taking out the victorian siding in the peaks of the house.  We loved the look of the victorian siding, but found it was just too expensive for our budget to replace it and keep the same look. 
      A few other “minor” items that happened during the summer was moving the propane tank from the back of the house to off to the side closer to the road.  This would allow us to eventually extend the driveway to a new garage. 
          And most importantly our new HVAC system was installed so we finally had air conditioning in the house.  We could finally get out of the heat!


        This little cutie will give us air and heat for the main floor and basement.  The upstairs of the house has never had heat and there was no way to get it up there except to install mini-split units for each individual room, which will be done later. 
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