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French cleats, old doors dividers – A post just for the men!

         Garage and workshop spaces are a big deal to men.  I know because every house we’ve ever looked at to purchase, the garage was important to my husband.  He has never had a big space to do any wood work, so when we built our garage he wanted extra space for a workshop.  Although our garage still isn’t fully painted and totally organized the way he would like it, my husband has done a lot of cool things with the space that I wanted to show you.  

         His first idea was to take the old doors from the house we had saved and repurpose them into a room divider in the garage to separate the parking area from his workshop.  He painted the doors bright colors and made them accordion style and on rollers so we could easily move them around.  

Car side

Workshop Side

       These doors are not only cheery and bright, they  fold up like an accordion and are very easy to move.  We have already used them as dividers during my son’s wedding we had this past August at the farm.

      My only contribution was adding these little barn quilts on the doors which my husband puts up with for my sake.

          French cleats were the next feature he added to his workshop.  I had never heard of them and maybe you haven’t either.  French cleats are a way to hang cabinets, tools, artwork, etc. on a wall using a 30-45 degree slope of molding.  This method is a great way to hang especially heavy objects.  He covered two walls of our garage with french cleats to add shelving and slots to hang his tools to have them readily available.  

   French cleats used along the entire side of the garage wall for extra storage space.

        French cleats start with putting  long strips of wood on the walls with an angle or slope that the object you want to hang fits into.


        The best part about using the French cleat system is everything you hang on your walls can be moved around however you want to arrange them.  My husband used this system to hang cabinets, tools and to make shelves and all of it is interchangeable and can be rearranged.

            My husband has a small refrigerator, coffee machine and a flat screen TV in his workshop.  I was going to throw out the TV because the sound didn’t work, but he hung it on the wall so he could watch Youtube videos to learn how to do various projects.  He just listens to the sound through his laptop. 

           Sometimes just looking around at what we already have that might get tossed out can give us inspiration to make something beautiful.  My husband is a creative thinker and is willing to take the extra time and  patience to make his workshop area organized and very functional.  He always has another great idea in his head.   Hope these photos inspire you to think outside the box and be creative with your workspace.    

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