How God Leads Me

Why listening, writing, and knocking are all steps of faith.  

The shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory.

       I don’t know who first said those words, but when I heard them, I stopped pretending that I would remember things. I got a journal and decided to write down anything I didn’t want to forget. It was also when I started really listening more intentionally.   I discovered that the more I listened and the more I wrote things down, the more I felt the Lord leading me gently through life. These were not just ordinary moments or words, but maybe even sacred ones.

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       Parker Palmer’s book , “Let Your Life Speak,” didn’t make sense to me until I started taking notes about my life. When I took the time to write down those words that resonated with my soul and then reflect on them, it was there. I could hear my life, or I believe how the Lord was whispering to me. It made me want to pay closer attention to what was being said, what I read, or how I felt.

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        This past fall, words like these were accumulating in my journal. 


Trust the sparks, the dreams and ideas God has put in your heart.

Live above the fear line.- Cindy Boeson.

God is in the wilderness.

Photo by Ronny Sison

When God is with you, you are qualified for your call.

– Elizabeth Lang Thompson

There are people waiting on the other side of your terrifying goal.

People who need what you have to offer.

   – Michelle Hyatt

Brave people don’t stop hearing the whispers of fear.

They hear the whispers but take action anyway

. -Annie F. Downs


          Then in November my husband and I took a trip to Dallas to celebrate our anniversary.   Since we were so close to Waco, Texas, we decided to drive down to  visit The Silos and Magnolia Market. I really wasn’t expecting to be impressed because I thought I knew Chip and Joanna Gaine’s story after watching their show on HGTV, but that side trip was inspirational to  me.  I came home and read both their books,  “The Magnolia Story” and “Capital Gaines.”   Then I read “Make Something Good Today,” which told the story of another couple on HGTV,  Ben and Erin Napier who renovate homes in Laurel, Mississippi.

       I began to think about my farmhouse and how much I loved taking something old, used, and falling apart and making it into a beautiful home again. Could I do this with other homes? I began to pray about it and then started slowly taking steps toward this idea.   As I knocked on one door, it opened up. So I took the next step to see if another door would creak open.   I watched as each step I took, led to the next one.


       At the beginning of the 2019, I read this verse from Revelations 21:5

And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.”

       I began to realize that God’s purpose in sending Christ was to restore us and all creation back to how he originally made us – perfect and beautiful. This desire to renovate was birthed in my heart because it came from his heart. He is the Master Renovator. His character seeks to . . .

redeem life,

restore old to a new,

turn death to life,

ugly to beautiful,

discouragement to hope.

            All the listening and journaling  encouraged me to take each step forward until I am where I’m at today – a licensed realtor looking for my first renovating project. I know I am exactly where God wants me to be because I can look back and see how he led me down this path.

       Now I’m knocking on the next door and waiting for it to open. When I get my first project, I’ll be excitedly sharing it with you here on my blog.   Until then, I’m learning, working hard, moving forward, but also listening, trusting, and trying to rest.  God keeps taking my hand and encouraging  me to peek around the next corner and see what’s ahead.

        If you have a dream or a desire you’re not sure whether to pursue, I encourage you to listen to your life speak. A journal or taking notes on your phone is a simple way to start. You probably won’t hear an answer today, but over time, you will.  Pray about your goals and then take that first step. See if a door opens. And if it does, . . .keep going.

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        If you want to learn how I listen to my life speak, you might also want to read, “Capturing Sparks,” or Looking Back to Move Forward.”  

Red Door Photo by Ronald Cuyan 

  1. This & the “sparks” post are answers to some questions I fired at God a couple days ago. Thanks, friend! 🧡

  2. So glad it was helpful. That is always my prayer. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. – the next best thing to sitting with you in your kitchen over tea is reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your heart. I am blessed and inspired.

    1. You just made my heart melt. So wish it could be a discussion in person over a cup of tea. Thank you, dear friend.

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