Inside our New Old Barn

How the inside looks now!

        A little over two years ago we celebrated the marriage of our son, Alex to his beautiful bride, Alexis, in our 120+ year old barn. (Click on  Barn Makeover and Our Country Wedding links to see more).  We had uneven dirt floors, mud dubber nests all over the ceiling, and foundation and structural repairs needed before the wedding.          Today she looks like a completely new barn on the outside.  We added a workshop off the back which doubled her size.  But inside the barn, she still looks old and we love that.  We wanted to keep as much of the old barn look as we could.        We had one wall inside that needed to be covered with dry wall to make a firewall between the bunk room and main barn area. This was required because of building codes.  Click on The Barn Bunk Room  to see this total renovation.

       We were so disappointed to find out we had to cover up one of the old barn wood walls.  However, but by the time we were done, we liked the new wall even better.  Here is what the old wall looked like:

        Since this wall is so high, we decided to use the old corrugated tin taken off the barn exterior to break up the wall.   The old barn wood taken off in the bunk room was used to make the chair rail and trim out the wall. We added heat and air for the bunk room and workshop, which allowed us to give some temperature help to the big barn area.  It will never be fully warm in winter or cool in summer, but it will be much better than before.

       We added a garage door between the barn and workshop for two reasons.  First, so the tractor  could be driven all the way through the barn. Secondly,  so my husband could have a high ceiling area if he needed to work on projects that required it.

       We put the huge old slate chalkboard  in this big open area.  It was original in the small building right behind the farmhouse that was torn down.   We thought it would be fun to put project designs, artwork, or a welcome sign,  for any future parties.

        The front barn door became a barn style hi-lift garage door that rolls up  almost straight along the front wall.  This way we didn’t have a garage door hanging over the interior and allowed us to put up two fans  and beautiful barn lights on the beams.

        We’ve added a few decorations,  cleaned it up and it looks 95% better than it did two years ago when we had the wedding. 

       Everyone asks us if we are planning to use our barn as a wedding venue. The answer is a definite “no.” But it will be used for small gatherings from time to time with our friends. 

       This project began in January of 2020 with large trees being taken out behind the barn to make space for the workshop.    We are completely done inside and the last bit of concrete work on the outside will be done soon.   Renovating an old house and barn was a long, hard process, but it is so worth it when it turns out better than you expected.  It’s fun to see this old barn take on a new life and maybe be around for another 100 years.

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