Kitchen Demo!

   The original farmhouse kitchen.  

        We are demoing in Kansas summer heat.  Does it get any worse than this?  Yes, demoing with no air conditioning!  My son and his friend, Drew have been hired by our contractor, Steve,  to demo our kitchen while he works on another project.  Our weather the past few days has started to hit 100’s and is expected to continue all next week.  Here are the happy, hardworking guys.

        The entire main floor of our house is in some type of construction phase right now.  The master bathroom floor and shower are being tiled and the living room is ready for new walls. But the east side of our house is the next big remodeling phase.   To give you some perspective on the size of this project here is a side view of the house. The single level  right side of the house  – from where the plywood door is to the second window  will all be torn down, rebuilt and re-sided.

         The roof line will be changed and extended to cover a new screened in back porch.   The south and east side of the house were at one time a porch that led out to the summer kitchen and were eventually converted into a bathroom, mudroom, and kitchen.  The different levels of floors and ceilings inside will all be made consistent.

        Here is what the kitchen looked  like before demo.       

    And here are some in process demo pictures.

      Upper cabinets are gone!

        I had to show you a picture of the chimney because we have never seen one built on a slant like this.  It will also need to be demoed from the top down.  

       The guys removed the kitchen ceiling and all the insulation above it.  We are going to leave the ceiling open up to the roof line which will make this area feel more spacious.  All of this interior demo is being done so that a crew of men can come finish the exterior demo,  reframe it, and add a roof all within a two-three sunny day period.  This will be necessary to keep the basement from getting flooded if a thunderstorm occurs.
   Here’s hoping you’re staying cool this summer.


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