Master Bedroom

Take me to the beach!

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         I’ve been waiting to show you our master bedroom because there are still some items and decorating that I wanted to do.    But purchasing those items I want will have to wait for now.  So I’ve decided instead of showing off a pottery barn picture perfect bedroom, I’d show you the process.  Someday, I’ll have the rug and matching side tables and pictures all figured out, but until then. . . . here’s my beachy cottagey bedroom!  

       It took me three plus years to get this quilt on my bed  because after I made the top,  I lost it!  I thought I had thrown it away by mistake, but one day it magically appeared.  I immediately took it to be machine quilted together and put it on my bed.

        I added some quilted trim on the pillow cases to match the quilt and put  these beautiful old shutters I bought from my sister, Cindy, on both sides of the window to give the room a focal point.  I love the patina they have.

       I don’t have a picture yet for this old antique blue picture frame I bought, but it needs to be something with an ocean view.  Sometimes when the wind blows here in Kansas (and it blows a lot) I close my eyes and listen and pretend it is the ocean waves crashing against the shore.   I take myself to my favorite place, if only in my mind.  

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