Meet Mr. Owl

Finding a new friend living on the farm.

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       I have always loved birds.  Maybe because my dad always had bird feeders up,…. hummingbird, cardinals, chickadees, etc.  all came into view at our large family room window.  So when my husband said he saw a huge owl on our farm land, I was excited and determined to get a picture of him.

    Shortly after he told me about the owl, I was out showing a friend our place and he flew right in front of us.  From then on, every time I visited our farm, I took my camera with my zoom lens attached and walked the property hoping to get a good picture of him.  With the leaves coming off the trees, it wasn’t long before we spotted him again and got a picture.

       Do you see him in there?  My husband actually took this shot because I couldn’t find him.  My son decided to name him Salvador, and we still look for him every time we walk the property.  He is a barred owl and can get up to 20 inches tall with a wing span of 42-44″.  All the leaves are off the trees now so hopefully there will be even better pictures to come.

        As I was Christmas shopping yesterday at Pier One, I saw owls everywhere… on pillows, ornaments,  candle holders, etc.    I didn’t realize they were so popular, but now  I am noticing them.  I found these two owls on Pinterest that I thought I’d leave you with…. one for inspiration and the other for a good laugh.

        I am thinking maybe God sent me this owl for my farm mascot to remind me of the above, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed.
 for all us hard working women . . .


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