Our Beautiful Sun Room!

For those days you’d rather be outside.

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        I had to be convinced to add a sun porch to the back of our house.   I really didn’t think I would use it or like it that much – but I was so wrong!    Early  mornings before anyone is up, it is my favorite place to watch the farm wake up.  Occasionally I see a deer or coyote wonder by or hear turkeys or cows calling out.  

      Like every dream, it started as a thought and then some planning and hard work.  Here’s what we started with.

      The sun porch was added onto the original house.  The framing you can see here is what’s left of the original kitchen and dining area.  Everything left of the white sided house was torn down and reconstructed because all the floors were different levels.

The forms are being built for the sun porch.

    Concrete poured

  Walls, windows and the inside ceiling and beams put in.

       Inside beams covered and stained and walls being prepped for painting.

      And here’s some final pictures of how the sun room turned out.  



Our maid, Minnie,  waiting to greet you at the door.  

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