Our Carriage House

The garage is being constructed!

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       It’s that time of year again when we might get to take a romantic horse drawn carriage ride in a winter wonderland.  

       If you’ve never taken a winter carriage ride, it is worth every penny.  We did this once on a Christmas vacation in Colorado and it was wonderful!   Grab a friend or spouse,  a blanket and enjoy winter. 

        Why am I writing about carriage rides?  Because one fall day while I was resting on the front porch of our farmhouse after hours of working on the yard,  I heard a car driving very slowly past our house.  I lifted my head and one eye towards the road and a young lady shouted out at me, “I used to live here!”  Instantly my energy was back and I invited her to come in and look around.  One of the things she told me was 
there used to be a carriage house on the edge of our circle driveway.   It’s roof was caving in and her father  removed it.  Maybe it looked something like this.  
        I love horses and winter sleigh rides so it’s neat to think that horses, carriages, and wagons loads from town were once part of life here.  But . . . I’m also  thankful for vehicles with heated seats that travel faster than 4 miles an hour!

        Our modern day carriage house is currently under construction  and we will have room for three vehicles.  

       The exciting part of this project was watching the trusses go up for the second floor apartment.  I got there just in time to see the first truss being lifted and I heard someone shout, “be careful not to hit the house!”  Oh yes, please . . . and don’t let the truss knock you off the wall either.


        The guy  in the lower right corner of the picture below is holding a rope that is tied to the end of the truss.  It is his job to control the swinging of the truss.  Fortunately it wasn’t too windy the day they did this job, but the truss was still swaying.

After several trusses had been hosted, the first end piece was put up.

        The opening that you see in the middle will be the area of the living quarters above the garage.

        The below pictures are from the next days progress.  All the trusses are up and they are starting to put in walls, floor, and the ceiling.



         Standing inside the garage watching the floor of the upstairs going in and below a view of the entire house from the back yard.

      Wow!  It looks like we added on another house, doesn’t it?  So much fun to see this all coming together. 
      Before I end this post I wanted to share with you two of our favorite Christmas movies.  I also want to say these are not just chick flicks either, because my husband has already watched one of these movies twice with me this season.

      The first is  Trading Christmas by Debbie Macomber.  It is a romantic comedy that is a little different than the traditional fall-in-love Hallmark Christmas movies.

       The second is a black and white movie released in 1947 that is on the Turner Classics Movie channel.  We found it by chance one Christmas and have looked for it every year since.  I think it is better than “It’s Wonderful Life”.   It’s called It Happened on Fifth Avenue  and it too is a romantic comedy. 

       I hope you get a chance to watch them and let me know if you like them or share with me your favorite Christmas movies.  I’m always looking for another favorite.

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