Our Country Wedding

Remembering  my son’s wedding here on The Noah Farm.

My two sons, Alex (the groom) on the left and Jordan (best man) on the right. 

         This is a post mostly of pictures from our son’s wedding the end of August.    It was their wish to get married in our 100 year old barn with a reception in our backyard, so we scrambled to get everything ready in four months!    I finally have a beautiful daughter and I couldn’t have picked a better wife for my son.  It was a time of great joy and celebration and I finally have pictures to share with you.  Most were taken by KyAnn Raye Photography, but a few were taken by my sister-in-law, April.  Enjoy!

First Look

This photo is taken at a small river close to our farm where Alex proposed to Alexis. 

              How their story all began . . . When two owners of Mini Coopers parked beside each other at another wedding and started a conversation.

The handsome Groomsmen

The beautiful Bridesmaids.

The Power Family

The Acuna Family

Alex seating his grandmother.

Waiting for his bride to enter the barn.

A fireworks display and a sparkler send off for the bride and groom.


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  1. Very nice Cheryl. Lovely photos and looks like a lovely time.

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