Pool construction 101


       Ever considered putting in a pool and wondered what will happen to your back yard and if it’s worth it?
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        We have never had a pool but have always wanted one.  With our entire yard a mess, we figured it was better to put in a pool now rather than ruin our landscaping later.   So the fun began on March 21st.   Here is the process from beginning to end.  
My husband standing on a tree stump they had to dig out.
Deep end being dug.

Pool sides are up but rain keeps hindering work.

Cement around pool being poured.


Builders laid tarp in the pool to keep the rain out.  They had to pump the water out many times because of how wet our spring was this year.

These guys were truly artists!  They quickly smoothed a sand/cement like mixture over the interior of the pool that would lay just under the pool liner.

The pool liner was put in the very next day!

Pool being filled with water and the air being vacuumed out between the walls and the liner.

      The first dip in our new pool was taken on Memorial Day, May 29th.  (Two months from start to finish).   It was such a joy to finally have a time of relaxing at the farm instead of always pushing toward a new goal.  
.      Would we do it over again?  Absolutely!  I say it’s like having a vacation at home.  After stressful days, there is nothing more relaxing than taking a dip in the pool.
        We celebrated family, friends, and freedom, giving thanks for those who gave their all so that we could truly enjoy life.  I believe they would want us to do this.
        We look forward to sharing these cool waters on our hot sunny Kansas days with many of you. If you come visit us, make sure you bring your swim suit. 💦 
* Pool installed by Platinum Pools and Spa, Wichita, KS.  They did a great job!
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