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Relaxing & Trusting God Through the Journey

What Lauren Daigle taught me about riding the river. 

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       Recently I listened to a podcast where Lauren Daigle, a famous Christian artist was being interviewed.  Since her rejection by American Idol ten years ago, she has won various awards including a Grammy  for her latest album “Look Up Child.”   I love her music and was surprised by her personality. She is a Seven on the Enneagram personality type which means she is a lively, fun, people person. When I’ve watched  her singing  on YouTube, I assumed she was a quieter, shy person because of how she performs. It was so much fun to hear her talk and share about her life. I love her even more.

         Seven’s are my favorite personality  type because they seem so carefree and fun-loving, ready for adventures anywhere, anytime. I’m always thinking if I do that fun thing, then I can’t get my work done or if I do that fun thing, I might get hurt.  So I do the responsible thing .  It’s why I need an Eight husband, (the Challenger personality type), who pushes me to do what is sometimes very uncomfortable for me.  

       In her interview, Lauren spoke about  floating down a river and letting yourself be part of where the river takes you. She used it as a metaphor for being in the river of God and letting him take you where he wants and instead of trying to fight the flow of the river.   To relax and enjoy the ride and trust that he knows where he is taking you. There may be deep or shallow water,  slow times or rapids, but God is in control and he is with you. He is holding you up. He controls the water.

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         I love Lauren’s carefree attitude. Just ride the river and trust. It doesn’t mean it will be easy or always fun because it isn’t.  Her life is very demanding.  It’s her attitude that I love.  Lauren said she sings her song, “You Give Me Everything” over and over in her head when she is tired,  depleted, discouraged or being criticized. She clings to God’s truth and reminded me to do the same. God gives me everything I need (not want) and I can relax and enjoy the ride down the river of life.  

       Then I heard another Christian artist, Chris Rice,  being interviewed.  He was asked if he has ever heard God speak to him.  He answered “no” and went on to explain that he just sees God as the ground under his feet.   He doesn’t  worry if the ground will be there to support him, he just know it is his foundation and so is God.  It’s always there and so is God. 

       Now instead of being anxious or frustrated that something isn’t working out the way I expected, I remind myself to relax and float on God’s river and just trust that he is in control.    I picture myself riding in an inner tube down a river relaxing and enjoying the ride or just taking the next step forward because I know the ground will be there under my foot. Just because I can’t see the way right now, doesn’t mean God won’t reveal it around the bend.  I can keep floating in the inner tube, relaxing, trusting and waiting for God to bring the answer to me. 

        If I try to paddle upstream and take control, the ride gets a little wonky. I can miss out on God’s best path because of fear , disobedience or just because I want to be in charge.  But if I believe  he controls the river and will bring me where he wants to take me, I can learn to live in freedom. I can rest and enjoy the journey.  

       So I keep picturing myself in that  inner tube floating down a river. I  see myself as relaxed with my arms and legs and head all spread out enjoying the ride, versus sitting upright trying to control where I go by paddling with my hands and kicking with my feet. I want to rest in the Lord, enjoy the river, my life, my people, and trust that he is in control.  I hope these simple metaphors will help you too.

     “It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.”

– Laren Daigle

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Feature Photo by Paul Gilmore 

  1. Thank you for this post. I am an overthinker who is trying to learn to relax and let God have His way. I know it will be better in the long run.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am an overthinker too and it seems learning to trust God is a continual struggle for me.

  2. Thanks Cheryl. I needed that today.

    1. So glad it was helpful.

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