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The old kitchen is destroyed – completely!

           When I was a little girl I would occasionally go to work with my dad in the summer.  He was a carpenter and  I was his clean up crew.   Almost five years ago, he was paralyzed in a car accident and died about a day  later.  

         Today as I helped clean up the mess in our farm house basement,  I couldn’t help but think of him either smiling down from heaven and saying “That’s my girl!”,  or shaking his head saying,  “Are you crazy?  What were you thinking!” Regardless, I know my dad would have liked our farm house and land because he grew up on a farm.
      After much rain and waiting, we are finally having  a week of hot, sunny weather and my contractor took the plunge and starting knocking down the first floor of our farm house.  This is the biggest project so far, (besides moving the entire house and adding a basement), but who’s counting.  So without further ado, here are some progress photos.
       Here’s what the first floor looked like before.

       On Tuesday,  the walls, flooring and roof started coming down.

         When I got there today (Thursday), this is what it looked like.


         The picture below was taken from what will be our living room.  Isn’t this a lovely view?

       Here the guys are using the tractor to pull off more of the flooring and then (below) the huge “I” beams that were supporting the first floor. 

       There is no rain forecasted until Saturday and then there is a 90% chance, so the walls and roof will be going up tonight and Friday.  
       My son, Alex, has been helping our two contractors with some of the demo this week.   He is realizing just how hard they are working and said he won’t be quitting his air conditioned day job any time soon. 

       I’ll leave you with a couple photos I took at our Kansas State Fair we attended last Sunday.  It was a lot of fun!  

A potato horse and pumpkin eggs.


And my favorite.  This grand champion even poses in her sleep.  I just love the back leg point…. such a classy gal!

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