photo by Helen A. Lockey

Spring Fever

       Wood work going on inside and outside the farmhouse.

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       The first week of March was  a time of clearing out all the dead branches and trees   because Grandpa came to visit and wanted to work at the farm.  Together, father and son made at least 8 piles of wood as high as the one you see here.  Thanks, Grandpa!

       The additional siding arrived and our front dormers are done and the back ones should be completed soon. 

            Remember what we started with?  The picture below shows the house move done two years ago this month.

      It helps to remember just how far we’ve come.  

         If you ignore the toilet and tub sitting in the front yard,  it is looking pretty good.

         The HVAC unit has been installed for the loft above the garage and more drywall  hung.  Where our little buddy sits is the doorway down to the garage. 

              And the most exciting thing that happened this past week was the hardwood floors were put down in the master bedroom, living room, and kitchen/dining room areas.

       This picture is taken from the living room looking back into the kitchen area.  The floors won’t be stained until all the walls are painted and the kitchen cabinets are installed. 

       Do you remember the huge pocket doors between the living room and master bedroom that I wrote about months ago?  How I was going to remove all the paint and stain them?  Well, I did try . . .  



        Here is what one side  looked like after eight hours of my effort.  You can just start to see the beautiful wood under all those layers of paint.   

        And here they are now!  Pretty fabulous for doors over 100 years old.


          I can only take credit for the sanding and staining of these old doors.  I gave up trying to strip them and hired a professional.  I love them!  They were so worth saving. We are nearing the finish line!

       “By perseverance the snail reached the ark.”
                                                                  – Charles Spurgeon

(Redbud photo by Helen A. Lockey)
(Snail photo by Vyacheslav Mishchenko)

  1. looks like things are moving along at a steady pace and starting to really come together. your pocket doors came out really nice.
    glad you are having spring, cause it will be snowing here again this evening. supposed to get more tonight than we got the whole month of February. we were spoiled last month with a false sense of spring coming. thanks for sharing your spring flowers.

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