Summer School

My summer plans were to be moved and relaxing by the pool. I did not sign up for this class!
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        My summer plans were to be moved into our farmhouse and relaxing by the pool with a good book and a drink.  But God put me in summer school. Just like our kids fight us about attending school in the summer, I wasn’t too happy about it either. My class was called “Learning from Disappointments.” 

          My disappointment came from scheduling movers and then realizing our farmhouse wasn’t going to be ready.  Our move-in date got pushed back again and again, until finally I just stopped trying to schedule a date.  The question,  “So when are you moving in?”,  was one I had to learn to be comfortable answering, “I don’t know.”

 “Life’s disappointments are God’s appointments.”

-Kay Arthur

       I’ve thought about that statement a lot over the summer and slowly began to understand how my  disappointments could be teaching moments. 

       Instead of looking at what I wanted. . .

I started being thankful for what I already had.

      I stopped fussing like a child belted into a car seat on a long journey and began enjoying the scenery.  I stopped trying to get my way, control outcomes and people and just rested.  

    “Refusing to release often means refusing to have peace.” 
                                                                 -Lysa Terkeurst

      When I finally hung up the phone with the moving company and we couldn’t find a date that worked with their schedule and my husband’s . . .  I let it go.  We had no move in date.  A peace settled over me.  I finally accepted that God’s timing was best even when I was frustrated and didn’t understand.  I stopped fussing.

        Summer school  taught me  I don’t have to know the answers. My heavenly Father knew how long the trip was and when we would reach the destination.  Isn’t that what faith is anyway?  Trusting that God truly does love you and has it under control even when you don’t understand.

       While I was trying to hurry up the building of our farmhouse, maybe God was more concerned about what he was building in my character. 

     I am a goal oriented gal.  I like checking things off my list.  Building patience, contentment, and trust where not on my summer goals list.  

        But summer has come and almost gone and our house is almost done.  Only one room is left to complete on the main floor – the sun room. 

Sun room 

      Our  move in date is finally set for  mid September. I think this time the date will stick and hopefully so will the lessons I’ve learned in summer school.  

      What has God taught you this summer?


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