Summer Weather Delays

 Having fun despite delays. Mud, toads, and sushi.

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       With the big hurdle of the house move over and a brand new basement, we were anxious to start the next phase of the farm house rehab – replacing the siding and most of the windows.  We signed a contract with a siding company in June and ordered all the necessary windows and thought we would be seeing this next step begin at least by the end of July.  But we were so wrong!

       Sometime the first week of July we got hit with huge amounts of rain and high winds.  The town just east of us suffered a lot of roof damage which put the company we hired to do our siding and installing our windows way behind schedule.  Fortunately, our farm house was not damaged.  Unfortunately, we still had some big openings in our basement which allowed the muddy clay soil to get into our basement.  We had two window well openings on the back side of our house with no windows in them yet, only plastic.

       We came to our house in 100 degree July weather and found a muddy, messy, yard and basement.  But…. all that being said, we still had FUN!

       It all started because we brought our 5 month old lab puppy with us.  He jumped out of our truck and began running all around the muddy yard and then laying down in the thick clay mud puddles.  At least he could get cool!

      Then the boys started discovering toads…. big and small.


       And there is always fun tractor work to do…



       We spent two Saturdays trying to clean up the mud in the basement.  It was so hot both times we could only work there a few hours before we wanted back in the air conditioning. (How did the early pioneers do it?)
       We finally got smart and boarded up the basement windows until we could get our new ones installed and hired a professional company to do the final clean up of our basement floor.  When they were done, it looked like new!
          We ended our Saturdays with showers for all (especially puppy) and our favorite sushi.  


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