Taming the Wilds of Kansas

Gardening failure and clearing the land.

           I had visions of canning or freezing all kinds of produce this fall.   I thought we were pretty good backyard city  gardeners, and would be overwhelmed with produce from our big country garden.  We were sooooo wrong!  I won’t be doing any canning this year unless I buy it from some other farmer’s garden.  Our country garden was a failure.  How did those early settlers survive?

                 Maybe I should stick to flowers.

       Not to give up too quickly, we are getting ready to go to a soil workshop to help us learn how to use cover crops to improve our  soil.  The weeds that have overtaken our garden are not going to be pulled out anymore, . . . I think, . . . I hope.  I’ll keep you posted as we learn this new method of gardening without tilling the soil.
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          But speaking of dirt,  we invited this big boy out to tame the wilds of our land recently. We needed a heavy lifter to remove tree stumps and piles of cement and rocks to clear  an area to the side and back of our house.

             After this land is cleared and leveled, the cement can be poured for  our screened-in back porch and our new three car garage/workshop. But before this could start we had some big obstacles that needed moved. Here is what the land looked like outside our back door before the work was done.  

           These bricks were from the demo of the chimney and where they lay is where the back porch will go.  Here is another view more of the back yard. 

       The excavator would pull out trees and my husband and son took turns on the tractor taking loads to a big pile.   Doesn’t our tractor look like a little baby next to this big excavator?   My hubby calls his tractor “Angel” because she helps him with so much work.

           Angel dragging tree stumps to the burn pile. 

        Here is what we have to burn off sometime this fall after a heavy rain.  You can see the second story of the house just above the burn pile and the land that was cleared off to the right of the house.


         And after about five hours of work, here is what it looks like now.

       Our garage will sit right in front of the power pole in this picture.  We can actually see the corn field to the north of our house now.  I know it’s not water or mountains, but it is Kansas folks, and I like having a view, even if it is corn!  

       And while all this was going on I worked on pruning out the roses in our driveway turn around.  I don’t think these roses had been touched in many, many years and it took me hours to get them trimmed.   These are the roses that I wrote about in a previous post that I think are around 100 years old.  They bloomed beautifully all summer and I hope all my hard work doesn’t kill them.  Here’s their before picture:

And after their beauty treatment . . .

       And these beauties bloomed unexpectedly this past week  under a tree in our front yard not far from where we recently buried our cat, Kayla. It seemed like a fitting memorial to her. 

Her favorite place – our laundry basket.
We will miss her.
  1. Sweet Kayla…the lillies are so beautiful! Can we come to the bonfire? My husband loves to burn things too, ya know.

  2. Yes, you can come to our bonfire. Bring your hot dogs, smore fixin's and a long hose to help us keep it from burning down the barn.

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