The Barn Apartment

       The barn has been done for months now, but I have failed to post what it looks like with the furniture in it because I have been waiting to find the right artwork.  I still don’t have it, but at least I now know what I want.

       Winston is a Great Pyrenees that arrived on our farm April 1, 2021 at three months old.   He is my son’s dog and is learning to guard all the chickens at night from predators.  Last year the raccoon attacks wouldn’t quit.  This summer we have only lost one bird to a predator, so he is doing a good job and he’s still a puppy.    When I suggested a big picture of Winston be put on the large wall, my son loved the idea.  Here’s Winston when we first got him:

Winston at eight months old.


The barn apartment turned out great and at long last, here it is, (but without the artwork of Winston up yet).  

The Bedroom/Living Room Area:

The Kitchen and Laundry Room:

     The laundry room is at the end of the kitchen.  A pocket door closes this small room off , but when the door is open a beautiful stenciled wall is what draws your eye, not laundry baskets or clothes on the floor.


     Since the apartment is small (330 sq. ft), we added this wall of hooks for coats, hats, and bags right when you come in the door.  I still need artwork for above these hooks too.  Any suggestions?

     And finally,  the bathroom!  This hallway also leads to the workshop we added and the interior of the barn.  We placed the bathroom here at this intersection so it would be easily accessible to anyone in those two areas.  We also made the bathroom and all doors wide enough that anyone in a wheelchair could have access.

     This view is looking back towards the kitchen from the workshop and barn door entrances.

The Bathroom:

                                                                               Hope you’re having one!








  1. Very lovely Cheryl! Everything looks perfect, warm, and welcoming. Who is moving into this area? Is this an upstairs apartment or ground level? I’m assuming since it is wheel chair accessible, it must be ground.
    You have done a great job of decorating and must have had a fun time. I’ve run out of rooms to decorate and can’t justify redoing anything. It is one of my creative sides I do miss using, but instead now I concentrate on being content and enjoying what I already have. I am learning, a room well done with your favorite things will bring pleasure and a smile every time you enter it.

  2. Thanks Cindy. Yes, this apartment is on the ground floor and Jordan is living in it for now.

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