The Barn Bunk Room

The first inside look at our barn renovations. 

       We remodeling our 100 plus year old barn and love how it turned out!  I decided to start this post with a picture of the handsome, rugged, country bunk room because you won’t believe the change.  You will appreciate it all the more as  you scroll through the pictures below and see what  we originally started with. (More of the finished product at the end).

       We call this space “The Bunk Room” because originally we pictured it with lots of bunk beds for future grandkids to have sleepovers with their cousins.

        Now to some pictures of this rooms barn past.  

      This area was originally used to store grain and hay for the farm animals.  Picture bags of grain left to rot in these storage areas until it turned into fine sand.  All of this was shoveled out by my son and his friend, Jacob, on a very hot day.  Sorry, guys!  Then we hauled out the rest of the stuff so the walls that divided this long narrow room could be taken down.

       This narrow hallway was only wide enough for a human or small animal to walk through.  The grain/hay storage rooms are on the left and the opening in the wall on the right goes into the big open barn area.  We think the hay or grain was put through the openings in the wall on the right to feed the animals in the barn. 

      The walls and floor joists all removed. 

       All the dirt floor being removed so a new concrete floor can be poured.

       Originally we were going to put a low ceiling in this room, but once it was opened all the way up to the roof, we loved the big open feeling it gave this small room. New floor is in and walls are framed (above).

       Drywall going in (above).  This view is from the barn south door looking toward the kitchen.

       View from the kitchen looking towards the front door of this small bunk room.

       And now some pictures of the final bunk room (minus the furniture).

       On the ceiling we had the siding that was taken off the barn put up.  Aged corrugated tin looks perfect in this rustic room.  We saved most of the barn wood  taken off the walls in this area hoping we could use it for a half wall in the bunk room.  Unfortunately,  we just didn’t have enough.  Instead, we came up with this board and batten half wall painted a very dark brownish-black.  We were able to use the old barn wood  for a chair rail and trim around the ceiling.    

       When we get all the furniture in, I will post pictures of  the barn bunk room, bath, and kitchen areas.  Right now, we are still moving in and waiting for furniture that is delayed because of COVID.    Overall, we are very, very happy with how this room turned out.  It couldn’t look any more different than it did a 10 months ago.  Remodeling is a ton of work, but so worth it when it turns out better than you imagined. 

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