The Constant of Change

Why we named our home “The Noah Farm” and a new direction.

       Four years ago we bought an unloved farmhouse built in 1897  on nine acres of beautiful but untended  land outside of Wichita, Kansas.   We had to make the choice to either tear it down and build a new house or make it lovely again.  We decided to remodel it which included moving the house to add a basement.    This blog has been the story of that process. 

The Farmhouse in 2014 when we purchased it.

     It took us three years to get it to the  stage where we could live in it and although it is not  100 % finished, most of the ugly to beautiful is done.  



The remodeled farmhouse in 2018.

        We love living out here in the country.  It is a peaceful,  restful retreat from the busyness of the hectic world.  

       One of the questions I get asked a lot is why we decided to name our farm “The Noah Farm.”  The Answer:  When we bought the property I wanted to give our new home a name.  My husband thought this was silly, but I continued to think and ask God for an appropriate name.  One day I was reading about Noah in the bible and looked up what his name meant.  His name means rest!   I thought to myself, “Why did he have that name?  He didn’t have rest.  He worked hard to build the ark and then he had to start all over again when the ark landed on dry ground.  Did he ever have rest?  His life was hard.”  But immediately after those thoughts, this one came – “but he had rest when the rest of the world didn’t.”  Suddenly his name meant sense.  God had never promised Noah an easy life.  He just went with him through the hard times and was his place of rest in the storm.

         This farm is a place of rest for us.  Rest from the stress and busyness of  jobs and the world.  A place to find rest in God and reconnect with each other.  A place to go slower and simpler.  To take walks through pastures, watch hawks fly and dogs run free.  A place to sip cool drinks on the porch while reading a book or have chats around a fire pit.   A place to be still and rest so we can go out again refreshed.

      This blog has shown you pictures of our restoration process, but now the work is done.  Just as we watch fall turn into winter, it is time to start a new season here at The Noah Farm.    If you want to see how we did it all, just click on the menu tab “Restoration Process.”  But most of the future posts will be under “Reflections” where I will write about life, the art of rest, and what God is teaching me.  Occasionally I will write about my “Book Friends” – books I have read and highly recommend to you, my friends and show updates and improvements on the farmhouse and our land.  

         One of the things I have learned through this entire process of remodeling a farmhouse and starting this blog is that I like to write and I want to continue doing it.  My hope is that you will gain a sense of rest for your soul and encouragement to remodel the place you call home.  I try to post twice a month and if you would like to have them sent directly to your inbox, just take a moment to subscribe in the side bar and you won’t miss one.  

         From Kelli @happsters


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