A Modern Victorian Porch

A  Country & Victorian mix.  

        A Victorian farm house is not complete without a big wrap around porch. Ours came with a west and south facing porch that we can’t wait to sit out on in rockers or a porch swing or both.   We have put on new white siding and big cedar porch beams and now it is time to put on a new ceiling. It has been open for quite a while now and  before we have tons of wasps building homes up there, it is getting closed up.
       Steve Vogt from Vogt Construction has joined our team and sometimes his wife, Michelle works along side him.    He has been a great addition and is helping our farm house progress nicely.  Here they are working on our front porch ceiling.

           View looking south.  I think a porch swing would  be perfect right here. We have a white one just waiting in our barn to be hung up. 


         Steve is going to white wash the porch ceiling to blend from the white siding to the cedar beams.  

      Eventually the cement on the porch will get covered, but we want to wait for most of the construction traffic to be over with first.  The front door will also get stained or painted and shutters added to the windows.

     The south side of the porch and house will have a view of the circular driveway,  roses and the road to our house.

        And this view is looking north back at the house.  I had originally thought that I would take these roses out and plant a new flower bed, but I’ve completely changed my mind.  Why? Because one day while we were talking on the front porch, a lady named Joy, stopped and told me she used to play in our house with her friend Virginia, who used to live here.  She told us her friend’s grandfather planted the roses.  When she told me that,  I knew I couldn’t take them out.  I love history and it just amazed me that these roses had been here maybe for a hundred years! Theses roses may have lived through every family that has ever lived here.  
    So my new plan is to prune them back, and add more roses and make this a beautiful rose garden.  This probably won’t happen until the fall because we are still working on our vegetable garden.
     And Virginia, if you’re out there reading this blog, I would love to hear from you or anyone who has lived in this farm house.


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