Master Bathroom Demo Begins

A look back at what we started with. 

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        Work is finally beginning on the inside of the house and we decided to start with the master bathroom.  This way  we would have one nice bathroom before we tore out the old one.  Here is what it looked like before.

        This is a view of the room looking in from the doorway of what will become our master bedroom.  The room above was originally listed as a bedroom, but it is very small, so we decided to make it our master bathroom/closet.  The room that will become our master bedroom was originally a living room, or parlor.  There were two front doors off the porch so we assume one door was where  guests were greeted and escorted  into the parlor.  We have closed the one front door off that goes into our new bedroom and just have one front door that will go into our living room. 

        In between these two living areas are two big, beautiful  pocket doors that we will eventually replace with new ones.

The first wall that came down was the one in this small bedroom that originally was a closet.  I love the overhead light in this closet and hope to get it rewired and use it somewhere else in the house.

       Below is a picture of the room after it has been gutted.  Bill has removed the ceiling, walls, one window, closet and is rebuilding the floor.  It may look like there are two windows that are closed off with new wood and there actually are.  We didn’t realize that the window on the far wall was closed off years earlier when they  put in a closet.  You can see holes, openings and rotten wood all around this area.

               A picture of the bathroom floor, or lack of it… looking down into the basement.

        This is the one wall that was so bad that Bill had to replace part of it.  Good thing the weather is still warm.

           And here is a picture of the new bathroom closet (on the right) and shower (left) framed in. We are making this bathroom wheelchair assessable  just encase we or a visitor would ever need it in the future. 

        Now our plumber, Greg, can begin working…. 
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