The Message of Women Superstars

 Was this a family friendly show, promoting a healthy view of women or a scene from a strip club?

       After watching just part of the Super Bowl Halftime Show last weekend, I was  grieved and angry.  Is this what our nation considers entertainment? I went from cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs, to my heart aching for the young women in our culture. Are we teaching them that the way to be loved and admired is to dress and act like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira?  Do these female performers, PepsiCo, and the NFL think so little of  women  to promote womanhood is such a vulgar way? 

       I have never used my platform to write about our culture or politics, but I am angry and concerned. I care about my nation and the young girls and women who live here. How can women cry out against sexual abuse, human trafficking, and be part of the “Me Too” movement and then think a performance like the PepsiCo Halftime Show is acceptable?

       I regularly watch the Fox television show, “The Five,” and only one of the five commentators had anything negative to say about the show. Their comments were statements like . . . If you go to a J.Lo performance, this is what you should expect, . . .Send the kids to the basement, . . .This is just our culture.”

       Then I learned that human trafficking surrounds major sporting events in our country. Click on: Human Trafficking and Major Sporting Events: The Dark Side of the Super Bowl to read more about it.

        I’m purposely leaving this post short so that you can read the above article and hopefully take a moment to write, call, or tweet the NFL and the Pepsi company (addresses listed below). Do it now, or put it on your to do list.

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil

is that Good Men (and Women) Do Nothing.

       The abuse and degradation of women will not change overnight, but I am hopeful that if enough of us raise our voices, maybe the Super Bowl Half-time Show next year will truly be family friendly. Be a real star and speak up for the dignity for women. 


Attn: Greg Lyons, Chief Marketing Officer 

700 Anderson Hill Rd. 

Purchase, NY 10577               ph:  1-800-433-2652


NFL Network

Attn:  Super Bowl Halftime Show Producers

10950 Washington Blvd.

Culver City, CA . 90232                  ph:  1-866-NFL-NETWORK


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