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On being overwhelmed and God’s providence.

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       When we bought our farm house in the fall of 2015, I felt overwhelmed to say the least.  Our first step was to find a company that would move our entire home so that we could build a foundation.  Move a house?  Are we crazy? Sometimes I felt like it.  So we started in on Phase One – the foundation and  new siding and windows.
      I have journaled a lot throughout this process because I didn’t want to forget all the wonderful things that I learned through all the trials, joys, and accomplishments.  One of the things I wrote down in my journal was a comment my sister Lynette told me on a day when I was feeling like I had a mountain to climb.  She said,

” Just take it one step at a time and trust God to supply the people you need when you need them.”

      I have clung to her words and have been amazed as they have come true.  I have not been disappointed with any of the workers or the jobs they have done on the house.  It has been a time of incredible growth as I learn that I can climb this mountain one step at a time.  

        We lost a good worker, Jerry, to a new job he took as the head of Habitat for Humanity here in Wichita.  But it wasn’t long before God provided another awesome guy, Steve, who is currently  working on our upstairs trim, doors, and putting in our ship lap in the bathroom.  

       Here are a few pictures of his work.

The two closet bedroom

and the one closet bedroom.

       I love how Steve found closet doors that have the same design as our front and back doors.
our front door
             And also happening upstairs is the laying of the shower tile by Bill.  Here he has the floor done and the white subway tile will go on the sides soon.

       The vanity has also been set in the upstairs bathroom.   This room will have white ship lap walls with a gray vanity and gray accent tiles in the shower.  We are having a white and gray marble looking concrete vanity top made and should be ready to be put in place soon.
        The freestanding tub will go to the left of the vanity.  The door to the right of the vanity goes to a huge walk in closet we will use for storage.  Here’s a picture of the closet.  

And our master bathroom vanities have also been set.  There will be two separate vanities in this room.
       Our master bathroom will also have ship lap put on the walls and will either be white washed or painted white.  Concrete countertops are also being made for these vanities and will be  black with a small amount of blue in the mix.  This bathroom will eventually be a mostly white with blue accents.
        Phase Two has been the remodel of the three rooms upstairs and the master bedroom and bathroom downstairs.    Our painter has begun painting the upstairs this week, so we are almost done up there!  Almost time to start Phase Three – the kitchen, laundry room, half bath, and living room.

     We are already starting to put pictures on our pinterest account of barns we like even though this phase is way down the road, but its fun to dream.  Here’s a few pictures we like. 

      I have also discovered  wooden quilts that can be put on barns or houses.  How cute!  I want to make one of these some day.  
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