Time to Landscape!

 Finally some curb appeal for this old farmhouse!
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       While the farmhouse kitchen has been receiving her new look . . . 
The Original Kitchen


The New Kitchen

. . . the land around the house is finally getting some attention.  

       The back deck has been completed.  This deck can be accessed from the french doors off the dining room and a door from the sun room. 

Inside view of french doors that lead to deck and pool.


       The backyard has been fenced.  A privacy fence was installed along the road and to cover the pool equipment.  

        Open fencing was installed along the back side of the yard so we can see the view of the fields and hopefully sunflowers next summer.  

       Here is a closer look at the open fencing and the gate made for the tractor to go through if needed.  

       The front porch has also received a face-lift.

       And finally I have my front door painted and my house number up! (street name is written in white lettering with black background – but blocked in this picture).

       After making flower beds along the front porch using the original limestones that made up the farmhouse foundation, we still has some leftover.  So we decided to use them to make another bed around our circle driveway. I am going to call this the Raindrop Garden since it is shaped like a water drop.

       Once the cement steps are put in to reach the front and side doors, our landscaper will be able to finish the walk way to the front door from the driveway.  And shortly after that the grass will start being put in.  After months of a wooden walkway, weeds and a muddy yard, I can hardly wait to see how beautiful it will look.   

         What  projects have you tackled in your house/yard this summer?  

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