The Waiting

  How to make the waiting easier.   

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        One of the hardest parts of doing this house remodel is the waiting.  There is not much new to show you at the farm right now.  The plumber has gotten the water lines in and the electricians are wiring the upstairs & master bedroom/bath. Then the inspection will happen. All of this is necessary, but not too exciting to write about.

        In the mean time, we have been meeting with contractors about the hardwood floors, painting the rooms, and getting trees removed where the garage will go.  Here is a picture of where we want to put our garage.  There are power lines going right through the trees we need to remove.   Not something we want to risk taking down ourselves.

          It was while meeting with Randy, our tree guy , that it hit me just how much we have gotten done in a year.  We asked Randy to come out a year ago because we needed some huge trees to come down before we could start moving our house.  He hadn’t been out to our house in a year, so when he saw our house this January, I got to see the improvements through his eyes.  It was encouraging as  I thought back to all we had done.

 . . . built and replaced broken barn doors. 

. . . removed three huge trees.  

. . . had our house moved & put back on a brand new basement foundation! 

 . . . new siding, doors, front porch posts, and windows put on most of the house.

 . . . five rooms torn apart, insulated, heated, and rewired.

       Our goal for 2015 was to get the outside of the house done.  We didn’t quite make it due to the east side of the house needing to be done inside first before we could do the outside, but we made a great start inside.  

       As we stood outside the back door of our farm house with Randy, looking and deciding which trees needed to come down, we all looked to the east as three huge white birds flew by.  We talked about it and realized they were bigger than geese and had to be swans.

       I  wish we had a pond where they could stop and rest a while.  It was a real treat and another reason why we love the country so much.
       Yesterday I read a prayer by Sue Garmon*.    I thought her words, though written about a rainbow were appropriate also for a swan. 
   Father, you must have known
    I was feeling like the day:
    with a tendency to thunderstorms.
    And so you flung
    a rainbow (three swans)
    across the sky
    and whispered
    in my ear,
    “Look at what
     I’ve made —
     just for you.”
*Souvenirs of Solitude by Brennan Manning.
        If you’re stuck in a waiting room and in a hurry to move on, maybe taking a moment to look back and seeing how far you’ve come will encourage you too.  And while you’re at it take a look around you and notice the beauty that you might be missing.  


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