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Planting Tulips and the Sunroom!

         I planted what looked like little round pieces of bark in the ground last week around my rose bushes, but next spring  they will look like this.  It always amazes me.  The gift of seeds or bulbs, darkness, dirt, water and patience, and we get something more beautiful than we could ever imagine.    








They are called  Anemone Black Eye Beauty and were a gift from my sister.  

        Many of you are digging in the dirt right now too planting bulbs for Spring, so I wanted to share with you this amazing tool my husband bought me. It makes planting bulbs a cinch.  This tool digs holes in the ground easier than drilling a screw into wood.  If you haven’t heard of it and love flowers like this. . .

          you will want to get one of these . . . a tulip auger.

       It works great unless you have heavy clay soil and of course you need a drill to attach it to.  The field of tulips pictured above is from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival which we had the joy of visiting several times when we lived in Washington state. If you’re looking for a spring get away, visiting here is like walking around in heaven.  Tulips and blue skies with a mountain backdrop.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

      It looks like Spring will also be closer to when our house will be blooming too.   The weather and worker’s schedules have kept things from going at a pace we would have preferred. But we are still making progress.  Here are the latest pictures of our beautiful sun room back porch. 

And now a full length view of the south side of the house with the porch addition.

       My hands plant in faith, knowing that the piece of hard, brown clumps will rest in the darkness and sprout into beauty in a few months. Waiting, resting, and trusting are the parts of life we struggle with the most, aren’t they?  But Patience is slowly becoming my friend and I am learning to live with her and rest. Maybe that’s the biggest gift the remodeling of the The Noah (rest) Farm is giving me – learning how to rest.  

Links to my mentions above:

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Tulip Auger – Many places sell this online and for varied prices.  Your local nursery, Home Depot, and Lowes,  may have them too.

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