We Have Walls!

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          Sometimes it’s the simple things that make me excited.  After waiting so long . . . we now have walls – both upstairs and in our master bedroom and bathroom.
          When I look at the pictures taken on my camera,  sometimes it is hard for even me to figure out which room I am looking at, so I will try to explain each room as I give this reveal.  The first picture is of our master bedroom, looking into the living room where the new pocket doors will go, and to the left will be the master bathroom.

Below is a picture of one of the upstairs bedrooms being worked on by the dry wallers.

And here is a picture of what I am calling the two-closet bedroom and . . .

and the one closet bedroom. . .  

and  the stairway being tested by our yellow lab.

         But before we go downstairs, a quick look at the bathroom dry walled.
         In this same bathroom on the opposite side of the window is our new mini-split heating/AC systems.  (see below).  We have had these units installed in each of the three rooms upstairs. This is the first time the upstairs of this farm house has ever had heat or air-conditioning. Yea!  You can come visit without fear of freezing or suffering in our intense summer heat.  How did they sleep up here before? How spoiled we are!

And lastly I have to show one picture of my husband and son working diligently behind the scene pulling lots of wiring before the dry wall was put up. Both of our sons helped and we appreciate their hard work.  


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