When Plan “A” Doesn’t Work

      Learning to go with the flow when we hit obstacles.

If Plan A didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters. Stay cool.

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       If there is one truth I’m learning in this whole remodeling process it’s this: Nothing goes as planned. After two years I am learning to accept these bumps in the road and not let them frustrate me.  Why?  Because I’ve also learned:  The results come out better than what I had originally planned.

      For example, last Saturday was move day for my son Alex who has been living in the upstairs of the farmhouse.  We were trying to get the loft apartment above the garage done so we could move him in there (Plan A), . . . but it was not ready.  The hardwood floors in the house were going to be sanded and stained on Monday, so all his belongings had to be moved to the basement or sun porch (Plan B).

          Then we realized  the hardwood floors already put down in the dining room area were wet because of a leak coming through the french doors when it rained. Those planks got ripped out and a storm door was installed that will hopefully take care of the problem, but  we have to

wait for another good rain to be sure.  Then  the hardwood floors in the living room, kitchen and dining room (Plan C) will be completed.  
         The good news is  the farmhouse upstairs floors and the master bedroom floor were stained and we love how they turned out.

        The apartment above the garage (which we call “The Loft” because it sounds so cool), has seen lots of progress.  From the first cabinet being hung  . . .


to this beautiful kitchen. . .


       Only a little bit more to finish and Alex will finally have a kitchen.

      Close up of our kitchen backsplash tile.



       All the flooring has been put down in the main room and bedrooms and almost all the painting done except some trim work.

        Bedrooms are carpeted and the bathroom is almost done and will be revealed in my next post.

       The last exciting event that happened this past week was digging a new well.  This was desperately needed for several reasons.  One was because of the location of the well which was right next to a road that goes past the barn to our back acreage.  Both my husband and I have each hit the well cap with our vehicle or the tractor and our plumber said if it was hit one more time we would lose the well completely.   

       So here is the new well being dug just yards away from the old one.  We hit water at 55 feet and have 150-200 gallons per minute!  I don’t think we are going to have any trouble filling up our pool or taking

 long showers.  And here is what it looked like after they were done.  The white pvc pipe sticking up is the new well.  The old well pipe top was blown as high as the barn roof because of a pressure build up.  I missed that excitement.   


So glad we didn’t take our lab out with us that day!
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